We offer a number of free online options for people to continue learning the Bible from home.

1. Twenty-seven part Bible study series covering all the major Biblical doctrines. You can enrol HERE and we will send a full set of studies guides to you wherever you live in the world, along with the Video Home Bible Tutor so can have enjoy full instruction all in the comfort of your home.

2. The Unchained Series: This is a 48 part video series each video is about eight minutes in length dealing with evolution, creation, apologetics, last day events, Bible doctrines and associated controversies. These are excellent for Bible discussion groups or to improve you skill in debating opponents of the Bible click HERE to start viewing.

3. Melbourne Evangelist Series: Pastor Rod Anderson presented a 14 part evangelistic series in Melbourne CBD, each presentation is about 60 minutes in length. Click HERE to start watching.

FOR FUTURE REFERENCE – We have one full hour for the Sabbath School Class which commences at 10am and the Main Church Service is at 11:20am. All followed each week by a delicious vegetarian lunch. Onsite parking is available, trams on the Flinders Street stop at our door. For more information on parking and other matters relevant to the city church go to or phone Pastor Rod Anderson 0422603941.


The Orchard
Seventh-day Adventist Church Melbourne

Level 12, 474 Flinders Street (Access via Highlander lane), Melbourne CBD.

E: [email protected]
Ph: 0422 603 941