The Unchained Series

The Unchained Series is made up of forty-eight, 8-10 minutes video presentations by Pastor Rod Anderson, addressing the challenges facing Christianity today.  Each episode is a pithy presentation guaranteed to hold the viewer’s attention.  Unchained continually brings the viewer back to the authority of God’s Word.  Not only are these presentations a vigorous defence of Christianity’s claim that the Bible is God is Inspired Word, but Pastor Anderson goes onto the front foot in deconstructing the arguments of evolutionists, anti-theists, atheists and other enemies of Biblical Christianity. ‘True Christianity is a thinking person’s religion’ as Pastor Anderson often states, together with ‘the truth has nothing to fear from investigation.’ God’s inspired Word ultimately points us to Jesus Christ our Lord and our Saviour in whom we can be blessed with an inner peace that passes understanding, a contentment which helps us to cope in times of crisis, together with a hope in the future life, which commences at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

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Unchained 1 – Why Hell does not exist

Why is it that in the Christian world we have ministers, pastors, priests, reverends misrepresenting what the Bible teaches on God’s dealings with sinners, the corollary being God’s character is besmirched. In this video discover how and when the teaching of Hell fire first entered Christianity, and why it does not exist.

Unchained 2 –  Richard Dawkins and God in hiding

Is God really in hiding, is He hard to find? If God wanted to communicate with us how would He do it? What evidence is there of God’s existence? These questions and more are answered in this video, and what does Professor Richard Dawkins have to say on the subject, in his enthusiastic attack against God?

Unchained 3 – Timothy Freke and the Jesus the Myth

Did Jesus really exist? Is there any proof in the historical record that Jesus lived? If it can be proven that Jesus Christ did not live then Christianity will fall and soon disappear from the modern world.

Unchained 4 – $5,000 reward for the missing Bible text

Christians today worship on Sunday believing that it can be supported by the Bible, If that is the case then there is a $5,000 reward for any priest, minister, or pastor who can identify the authoritative verse.

Unchained 5 – Bill Maher’s withering attack against Christians

In this episode Bill Maher of Real Time ferociously attacks Christian hypocrisy. However instead of getting upset, perhaps a better course of response maybe to consider if his criticism is justified.

Unchained 6- Star Trek and the Secret Rapture

Jesus was here once, and the world has never forgotten. He promised to come back, this teaching in the Bible is known as the Second Coming. However will anyone see the return of Jesus Christ, will it be as many Christians are taught, a secret, that is no one will witness it. This video presentation examines the subject of the manner of Christ’s Second Coming

Unchained 7-  Lawrence Krauss and Bill Nye teach we are made of stardust

What are the origins of mankind? Is it as Lawrence Krauss teaches that we come from exploded suns, or is it as Richard Dawkins has taught that we came from apes. What about spontaneous generation should we consider this as a legitimate theory for our origins?

Unchained 8- Athiests and Slavery

Does the Bible support slavery? If it does then how does this reflect on the character of God Himself. Was its God’s will that men or women should be mere chattels for others. In this presentation the cultural norms of the day are examined in which slavery was prominent, but does it mean the Bible endorses slavery?

Unchained 9- Dan Dennett and Sam Harris why should anyone listen?

Dan Dennett and Sam Harris in this video contradict themselves, yet they can demand huge appearance fees. Is the Darwinist and Atheist lobby really that superficial, or are these men invited simply because of their entertainment value? This video examines the facts as they are.

Unchained 10- Christopher Hitchen’s two unanswerable challenges

The late Christopher Hitchens often challenged his Christian audience with two questions he claimed were unanswerable. What were the questions are were they truly unanswerable?

Unchained 11- Why don’t Muslims have a holy day?

What the Quran teaches about the Muslim day of worship is astounding and will surprise many. The question to be asked as we read from the Holy book of Islam is; why Muslims are ignoring its instruction?

Unchained 12- Tyson, Hitchens and Kraus on atheism, melancholy and nihilism

A confronting reality for those who are intellectually honest within the Atheistic fraternity is there is no hope. The very best of the non believing elite all share the same sad mantra, there is nothing to look forward too, no hope, no ultimate victory, no nothing. Is that enough, better still is it the truth?

Unchained 13- Sam Harris and his strange view on Free Will

Do we have a free will? Do we make real choices or are we simply pre-programmed with no real ability to choose at all. In accepting such a view how will it impact on the criminal justice system? How will it be played out in society values. If we adopt a philosophy of no free will, what does that say about true love, marriage and commitment to a relationship? This presentation deals with these questions and others.

Unchained 14- Why are Christians humiliated by atheists?

Many teachings within Christianity cannot be supported from the Bible. These same teachings have made Christians soft targets for seasoned atheist debaters, whose logic have shown how unreasonable many of these teachings are.

Unchained 15- Christopher Hitchens and naïve understanding

Many Christian professors in their desire to gain the applause of the scientific fraternity, are turning their backs on the Bible. Why do they feel the necessity to embrace the anachronistic teaching of Darwinists, considering as science advances it is underscoring the Biblical account of Intelligent Design as described in Genesis chapter one. This video explores the reasons and offers an explanation that no reasonable fair-minded person can reject.

Unchained 16- Why are Christians weakening confidence in the Bible?

Why did God give mankind the Bible? Why did Jesus Christ come into the world? Then what has gone wrong, why are the Christian churches irrelevant in many people’s minds today. Why is Christianity failing to impact society today? These are just some of the questions which are addressed in this presentation.

Unchained 17- Can you prove the Bible is false?

In this presentation you will learn of any easy and simple way to prove the Bible false. Every atheist is invited to use this method, but why are they reluctant? The method described in this presentation will prove without doubt the Bible is false and Jesus Christ an imposter.

Unchained 18- Evolutions false concept of junk DNA

What is junk DNA, does it really exist? Why have evolutionists leapt on this phase and for what ends. What is real science revealing about the un-coded DNA, and are we on the frontier when Darwinist Evolution will be jettisoned by the scientific community?

Unchained 19- The rewriting of history and its dangers to Christian civilization

Why is it that there are moves afoot to rewrite history? What do they want hidden and who are they? What is the value of the historical record and what are the lessons we can learn from it. In this episode Pastor Rod Anderson examines the lies that are being promulgated today in the Western world and their possible impact for future generations.

Unchained 20- A Christian professor falls into the evolutionary trap

Why is it that Christians grimace when asked if they believe that God created the world in six 24 hour days? If Christians have doubts about the authenticity of the first three chapters of Genesis why should they accept anything else written in the Bible. Further to that how then can they accept the claim that the Bible is God’s inspired Word.

Unchained 21- Dangerous pitfalls for Christians

What are the potential dangers awaiting for Christians as they ignore the written word of God. How important for our credibility is being faithful to the Bible? Can the Bible stand the cross examination of both evolutionary scientists and atheists? The answers are given in this episode.

Unchained 22- Zeitgeist and pagan Christian churches today

Ridicule against the Christian Church is mounting, but why? What has brought on these unprecedented attacks against Christianity, is it a reaction against truth, or a mocking derision exposing error and hypocrisy in the Churches?

Unchained 23- Neil de Grasse Tyson misrepresents Newton and Laplace

Scientists attacking Scientists, Evolutionary Astrophysicist mocking the greatest thinker science has ever produced. This video demonstrates the ridiculous lengths Darwinists will go to in endeavouring to mock a person’s belief in God, even intentionally misrepresenting the clear statements of Christian scientists of ages past.

Unchained 24- Evolutions Hidden Traps

Evolutions hidden traps is a presentation to warn Christians of the danger when they embrace Darwinist philosophy at the expense modern genetic research and the Bible testimony. What are the dangers when Christians who have the support of modern science in relation to the creation account of Genesis one, attempt to placate the vocal evolutionist lobby.

Unchained 25- Neil de Grasse Tyson blasts Christians

Neil de Grasse Tyson mocks and derides the Bible, but should Christians take on board what he says and re-examine their beliefs. However one of his tactics to defame the Bible is to intentionally simplify and falsify the facts. This video reveals how weak his accusations really are.

Unchained 26- The Secret Rapture and why it defies logic

A very popular teaching in many of largest churches today is when Jesus Christ comes back the second time, He will come in secret. No one will see Him, suddenly people will dematerialize and those left behind will have a second chance to get their spiritual lives in order. Does this line up with the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles in the New Testament?

Unchained 27- Evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ

In all the opposition directed against Christianity during the first century, never once have the Jews shown how the Old Testament Messianic prophecies were not fulfilled in Jesus Christ. This video reveals theories old and recent which have attempted to disprove the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Unchained 28- The amazing prophecies against Egypt

One of the most remarkable prophecies ever recorded in the Bible is against the country of Egypt. However has the prophecy been realized, has it been fulfilled and is it possible what we see today in Egypt is simply Bible prophecy fulfilled or fulfilling?

Unchained 29- Proving the Bible is fraudulent

What is the easiest way to prove the Bible is false? How can atheists finally obliterate the Bible’s influence upon the world? It is simpler than most people think. But why haven’t the most brilliant minds among the atheistic and Darwinist fraternity avoided this simple method?

Unchained 30- Nostradamus and the two cities prophecy

Are the prophecies of Nostradamus legitimate? Can they be suitably explained? Are they real prophecies can they be understood and verified by history and world events?How do they compare to the prophecies found in the Bible?

Unchained 31- Jews and the cursed book of the Bible

You will be amazed to discover there is a book in the Bible which has been cursed. The imprecation has been foisted upon an entire system of belief intended to quash open enquiry and maintain control.

Unchained 32-  Cardinals, pastors and false prophecies

Why is the Christian church today under constant attack from atheists, the frivolous and libertines. Is it because the accusations against it are unfounded or is there truth in the accusation that it has become domain of the avarice and the refuge of the credulous?

Unchained 33- Buddhism is it really that cool?

Why is Buddhism so popular today and how does its key teachings compare with Christianity? What are the key tenants of Buddhism? What are the best elements of Buddhism. What are the best elements in Christianity?

Unchained 34- Krauss and Tyson false science and intimidation

Is it possible that within the scientific community, there is gross prejudice directed against those who believe in God. Furthermore does it impact their opportunities for advancement or even University tenure. This video reveals what is happening now.

Unchained 35- CS Lewis and the inner moral law

What is the conscience? What is the function of the conscience? Psychologists and Psychiatrists offer their professional opinions, but what value is their in them and how can they help. Is there a connection to the inner moral, the conscience and the Holy Spirit?

Unchained 36- Why do Christians embarrass Christianity?

Is it possible that Christians bring shame to the name of Christ in their blatant disregard of the Biblical instruction and its teachings. What about the Flood account found in Genesis chapter 9, is their evidence for it outside the Bible? This presentation answers this question.

Unchained 37- What is the Great Tribulation

The Great Tribulation found in the Bible is a teaching which has brought dread and horror to Christians, but what is it and when is it. Do God’s people pass through the Great Tribulation or are they spared it due to God’s Providence. This presentation will make this misunderstood teaching clear.

Unchained 38- Will the temple in Jerusalem be rebuilt?

Will the temple in Jerusalem ever be rebuilt. Many Christians live in hope that when the Temple Mount is again under the sovereign control of Israel a 1000 years of peace upon earth will commence. What do the facts of history tell us and how does it line up with the Bible.

Unchained 39- Israel and the 144,000 (Part 1)

Will the Jews take the gospel to the end of the world. Will the temple in Jerusalem be rebuilt. What does the Apostle Paul mean by the seed of Abraham. Who will make up the 144,000 in Revelation chapter 7

Unchained 40- Israel and the 144,000 (Part 2)

What is the seven year tribulation and is it found in the Bible. Will the Jews take the gospel to the end of the world. Will the temple in Jerusalem be rebuilt. What does the Apostle Paul mean by the seed of Abraham. Who will make up the 144,000 in Revelation chapter 7

Unchained 41- Forgotten facts of Christian history

How has the life of Jesus Christ and the Christian movement impacted the world. It may surprise how far reaching it has been, from the times of early exploration, to the linguistic knowledge we have today these are others disciplines have been advantaged by Christ’s command in Matthew 28:18-20

Unchained 42- Prophecy, Plato and Aristotle

The influence of Plato, Aristotle and other Greek Philosophers when contrasted with Jesus Christ will absolutely startle you. Furthermore is there any evidence that Jesus Christ was truly the Messiah.

Unchained 43- Babylon the prophecy that still amazes

The Bible is filled with amazing prophecies that are easy to understand and even easier to interpret. The bible contains remarkable prophecies which stand the fiercest cross examination. The amazing prophecy of the ancient city of Babylon will fill you with wonder, considering the proof of its accuracy bears testimony today.

Unchained 44- Conspiracies, hoaxes and the Jews

Hoaxes have been part and parcel throughout history. But in this episode the greatest hoax ever perpetrated against men and women is revealed. What you will learn will shock you.

Unchained 45- Cheer for the atheist and near death experiences

What are near death experiences, are they legitimate. Do people get a glimpse of the after life with these experiences. What does medical science say, but more importantly what does the Bible say?

Unchained 46- The greatest evolutionary scientists in history

Do you know who the greatest evolutionary scientist in history is? Do you know where Charles Darwin got his first taste of evolution? You will be surprised to discover that evolutionary teaching existed 600 years before the time of Christ.

Unchained 47-  Atheism the religion of the miserable

When a person digs deep into the atheism they are soon confronted with the hopeless despair and morbid depression which walk hand in hand with it. Christianity gives hope and purpose. Watch Christopher Hitchens, Neil de Grasse Tyson, Lawrence Krauss and Woody Allen verbalize the emptiness and hopelessness that accompanies atheism.

Unchained 48-  Fables which have bewitched Christianity

The Christian churches today are filled with teachings that Jesus Christ, the Apostles and prophets knew nothing about. Parts of Christianity today should more properly be identified with the word pagan, because of the synchronistic teachings which have polluted it.


The Unchained Series The Unchained Series The Unchained Series The Unchained Series The Unchained Series


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