The Orchard’s Mission

The Orchard Melbourne Central City Church has two focuses;  firstly,  to present  Jesus Christ as the Saviour for all mankind to the people of Melbourne in an engaging and Biblically accurate way.  For men and women of Melbourne to know that even in this so-called sophisticated city in which we live, the answer to our problems, heartaches and woes is not found in materialism, libertarianism or profligate living, but in Jesus Christ, God with us, who when accepted into the heart, brings a richness, fullness, purpose and satisfaction to life. Through Jesus Christ we become better parents, better spouses, more reliable and trustworthy friends,  more efficient and effective at work, and add a real value to the society in which we find ourselves.

Today, men and women lack an understanding regarding the importance of Christ’s life for each one us.  The value of Jesus death on the cross, His condescension is barely understood by most people.  Melbournians are largely in the dark regarding the gravity of Christ’s mission 2000 years ago and what it meant for the entire earth.  People who have owned Bibles their entire lives, and some even having gone to church are surprised when they understand that Jesus left the glories of heaven which He shared with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit  before being born in Bethlehem (John 17:5; Micah 5:2).

It is for this reason our second focus is to bring the Bible as “it is written,” to the people of Melbourne, offering engaging Bible study guides, which answer the riddles which perplex modern man and women today.  Time spent learning from the Bible and applying the lesson’s God’s Word contains has an ennobling effect on the character, improves an individual academically and brings a peace which passes understanding.

If you would like to receive your free set of 25  Orchard Faith of Jesus Bible reading guides click here and we will mail them to you wherever you live in the world free of charge.


The Orchard
Seventh-day Adventist Church Melbourne

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