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The Orchard Melbourne Central City Church has developed a free series of 25 Bible study guides, (Orchard Faith of Jesus Study Guides) which covers the essential doctrines necessary for salvation and spiritual growth. Each one of the study guides are thought provoking, challenging, declaring Gods’ plan and purpose for you, along with historical and Biblical facts.  When you order your free set of study guides (mailed out free no matter where you live in the world), you can also take the opportunity and be advantaged with the Home Bible Tutor  which allows you to do each of the 25 Bible study guides privately or in a group setting, under the tutelage of an experienced Bible teacher.  You can host these studies in homes, small groups, youth groups or do them as you travel to and from work on public transport, during your lunch breaks, any time at all.  As long as you have internet access you can go to the Home Bible Tutor to recommence where you left off.  These studies are also ideal for Christians who want to brush up  or smarten up on their understanding of what the Bible says.  Order now by clicking here.  You will be greatly blessed.  Don’t forget to visit us whenever you are in Melbourne we would love to see.


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