Our Historical Christian Roots

We are a group of Evangelical Christians who have our immediate historical roots in the Protestant Reformation. However, as we go back further, we can trace our pedigree to the earliest centuries of Christianity, beginning with the Disciples of Christ, whose teachings eventually spread throughout Asia Minor, India, Africa, and China.

We see the spread of Christianity through Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. The Holy Spirit, burning in the hearts of loyal men and women, who jealously protected the integrity of the Bible truths, not willing to compromise with paganism. Patrick, Columba, Aidan, Marcos, Dinooth, Columbanus and a host of others were missionaries to lands far and near. Many godly souls in southern France and northern Italy during the time of the dark Ages upheld the truth of God’s Word under extreme persecution — people known as the Albigenses, Waldenses and Anabaptists suffered dreadfully for their faith in Jesus Christ.

It has been said that a second book of Acts should be written to outline the heroic deeds of men and women throughout the Dark Ages, who reproduced the Bible and shared their faith at great risk to their own lives, until the time of the Reformation. These are our forefathers, they are our inspiration.


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