Unchained is a STORT STUDY video series presented by Rod Anderson which addresses the  challenges facing Christianity today.  These are short pithy presentations guaranteed to hold the viewers attention.  Unchained continually brings the viewer back to the authority of God’s word.  Not only are these presentations a vigorous defence of Christianity’s claim that the Bible is God is inspired word, but Rod Anderson goes onto the front foot in deconstructing the arguments of evolutionists, anti-theists, atheists and other enemies of God’s inspired Word, including those found within the Christian fraternity clothed in the garb of respectable conformity.  At the close of each episode there is an invitation to order a FREE set of Bible reading guides entitled “the Orchard faith of Jesus studies,” which can be mailed out too viewers anywhere in the world.  These programs are accessible by both mp4video and mp3 from the links below.

Unchained 1 – Pastor Charles Lawson’s Lies

Unchained 2 – God in hiding

Unchained 3 – Jesus the Myth

Unchained 4 – $5,000 reward

Unchained 5 – Bill Maher’s withering attack against Christians

Unchained 6- Star Trek and the secret rapture

Unchained 7- Bill Nye we are made of stardust

Unchained 8- Athiests and Slavery

Unchained 9- Dan Dennet and Sam Harris why should anyone listen

Unchained 10- Christopher Hitchens two unanswerable challenges

Unchained 11- Why don’t Muslims have a holy day

Unchained 12- Tyson and Kraus on athiesm, melancholy and nihilism

Unchained 13- Sam Harris and Free Will

Unchained 14- Christians humiliated by atheists’

Unchained 15- Christopher Hitchens and naïve understanding

Unchained 16- Christians weakening confidence in the Bible

Unchained 17- Proving the Bible is false

Unchained 18- Evolutions junk DNA

Unchained 19- And more lies

Unchained 20- Christian professor falls into  the evolutionary trap

Unchained 21- Dangerous pitfalls for Christians

Unchained 22- Zeitgeist and pagan churches

Unchained 23- Neil de Grasse Tyson misrepresents Newton and Laplace

Unchained 24- Evolutions Hidden Traps

Unchained 25- Neil de Grasse Tyson blasts Christians

Unchained 26- The Secret Rapture left behind and left wondering

Unchained 27- Evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ

Unchained 28- The Amazing prophecies against Egypt

Unchained 29- Proving the Bible is fraudulent

Unchained 30- Nostradamus and the two cities prophecies

Unchained 31- Jews and the cursed book of the Bible

Unchained 32-  Cardinals, pastors and false prophecies

Unchained 33- Buddhism is it really that cool

Unchained 34- Krauss and Tyson false science

Unchained 35- The inner moral law

Unchained 36- Bill O’Reilly shames Christianity

Unchained 37- The Great Tribulation

Unchained 38- Will the temple in Jerusalem be rebuilt

Unchained 39- Israel and the 144,000

Unchained 40- Part 2- Israel and the 144,000

Unchained 41- Forgotten facts of History

Unchained 42- Prophecy Plato and Aristotle

Unchained 43- Babylon the prophecy that still amazes

Unchained 44- Conspiracies, hoaxes and the Jews

Unchained 45- Cheer for the athiest and near death experiences

Unchained 46- The greatest evolutionary scientists in history

Unchained 47-  Atheism the religion of the miserable

Unchained 48-  Fables which have bewitched Christianity



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