BIBLE WORKERS MELBOURNE: If you have a burden to effectively share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those around you, and to be used of God, then the Orchard Bible Worker Training is for you. In cooperation with the Holy Spirit you will be trained and equipped to gain decisions for Jesus Christ, through one on one personal bible studies and leading small groups. You will become an agent of change to strengthen God’s kingdom in Melbourne.

What is a Bible Worker?

Bible workers bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people. They seek out men and women who are ready to listen; they open the Scriptures to them, and lead them to Jesus and a saving knowledge of the truth. To that end as a Bible worker you will be equipped and trained in personal evangelism methods including; distribution of advertising materials through door-knocking, letterboxing, distribution through CBD and at railway stations.  You will be trained and equipped to do one on one Bible studies, lead small groups, following up new interests, dealing with objections, make appeals and secure decisions for Jesus Christ.

 What we are looking for in a Bible Worker

  1. Love the Word of God – Just as you will be leading others to the Bible, so you must be a willing student of Scripture, ever increasing in a knowledge of the Word, being transformed by its power.
  2. Be Prayerful –An effective Bible worker is one who is constant in prayer, pleading with heaven for himself/herself and those they seek to bring into a saving knowledge of the truth. It is a part of their daily routine that commences each day to empower us as we go into the world.
  3. Have a positive, cheerful, teachable attitude – As a Bible worker you will be challenged, and perhaps some of your preconceived ideas will be shaken, nonetheless, a willingness to learn and advance in grace is an essential ingredient in the school of Christ. A cheerful attitude springing from your relationship with Christ, brings light and happiness to others you come in contact with.  This is important to us.
  4. Have a willingness to do the mundane – While leading Revelation seminars and giving Bible studies is wonderful work, these contacts come from the more mundane activities of Ministry, such as handing out literature in the street, putting up advertising posters and door knocking. All who join the Bible worker program must be prepared to actively participate in this sort seed sowing work.
  5. Be committed to God’s church, its teachings and its values – As a practicing Seventh-day Adventist your conduct is under constant scrutiny, particularly by those outside the church. However, no matter where we find ourselves and the situation at hand we must always carry ourselves as those who are under the watchful gaze and protection of heaven.
  6. A life which reflects Christ in all its aspects – We lead people to Jesus Christ through the agency of the Holy Holy Spirit and by the Biblical doctrines we teach them, but also by our general deportment and attitude to spiritual disciplines and life in general. People we are working with should always recognize in us a desire to by faithful to Christ. Your choices and habits relating to your health, entertainment, dress, and conversation, reveal the strength of your relationship with Jesus Christ.
  7. Faithfulness, self-motivation and pro-activity – A Bible worker will be faithful in the discharge of his or her duties, be self-motivated, will work without instruction and be proactive, and use their initiative as the situation arises.
  8. Good organization, presentation and time management skills – Bible workers will be well organized, not slovenly, nor robbing God of His time, for we are all ambassadors of Christ.
  9. Good social skills, and the ability to relate to and befriend people – Bible work is highly relational. It is much more than a teaching role; your success depends on your ability to reach the heart. Are you the type of person that will meet, mingle with and make friends with people?
  10. Willingness to work in a team and teachable – As a Bible Worker involved with “The Orchard” in Melbourne’s CBD you will be a team member, working closely with other Bible workers. You’ll need to be able to share ideas and strategies, adopt and carry others’ visions and strategies, accept correction and instruction, and be accountable.
  11. Driver’s license is essential – Some of a Bible worker’s day is spent travelling, and a good Bible worker cannot be constantly dependent on others’ availability and generosity to get from one location to another, nor can you rely on public transport.

If you believe that God is calling you to this ministry, then please email:  [email protected], please include all relevant contact, family, education and work experience.



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